About us

The Lecture Series at UCUCC is a self-supporting program of University Congregational United Church of Christ, Seattle WA.
Our mission is to bring leading Christian and non-Christian thinkers, writers, and teachers to the Seattle region to expand our understanding of what it means to be Christian today.
Our commitment is to encourage each other in the growth of our minds and spirits.

All are welcome!  Please join us for an upcoming lecture.

Join our mailing list:  Names are never shared and email updates are few – only when we have news to share.  For those that prefer, a postal mailing is also available.

Contact us at:
University Congregational United Church of Christ
4515 16 Ave NE, Seattle WA 98105

Lecture Series Leadership:
UCUCC Clergy Pastor Steve Jerbi
Lecture Series Coordinator Betty Spieth-Croll

Thank you, Volunteers!  We are deeply grateful for the large community of volunteers who help make the Lecture Series possible.  Volunteers help ensure a gracious welcome to all who attend lectures, provide nourishing cookies and fruit during events, and so much more.  Thank you each and every one!  To volunteer at an upcoming event, contact us at lectureseries@universityucc.org

More about University Congregational United Church of Christ, Seattle WA
We are an open and affirming church where you are welcome however you come, whether you are believing, seeking or doubting. As Christians we are shaped by the language of our tradition, including its foundation—the Bible.  Some of us understand Christian language in literal and factual terms.  Others understand it as a language filled with symbolism and metaphor.  We all share a common passion for the more-than-literal meaning of the stories and teachings that guide us.
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